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Framework Literary Translation

  • makes an optimal assessment of his/her own level of competence
  • can write a preface or a translator’s commentary to a translation
  • optimal creative ability
  • can justify her/his translations as a whole
  • able to exercise translation criticism
    • can understand literary source texts in a detailed way
    • can solve literary translation problems
    • can apply (several) strategies in an intended way
    • able to produce literary target texts that meet publication standards
    • can make an estimation of her/his own literary translation competence
    • can outline her/his own translation approach can adopt a translation approach
    • develops ability to find solutions and make changes
  • can distinguish between different translation appro
  • can interpret differences between translations of th
  • can justify individual choices and decisionscan produce a literary target text
  • can apply (several) translation strategies
  • can see (the implications of) translation strategies
  • can identify literary translation problemscan understand literary source texts